Precautions for daily use of impact crusher


Due to its high crushing efficiency, high crushing ratio, large production capacity, and uniform and beautiful product particle size, counterattack has brought benefits to a large number of crushing users and gained market recognition. In order to effectively extend the service life of the impact crusher, the editor will share with you the maintenance and usage knowledge of the impact crusher.
Because counterattack is based on the principle of using stones to strike stones, it is important to pay attention to the correct rotation of the motor when installing and debugging counterattack.
After the impact crusher is put into operation, the impact crusher must be inspected after each shift is completed. After approximately two weeks of operation, a comprehensive inspection of the machine is only required once a month. The motor and lubrication of the equipment should be inspected once a week. The inspection should include the fastening of fixed parts, belt transmission, bearing sealing, and electrical switches.
Everyone must pay attention to the temperature of the counterattack bearing. The temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. If it exceeds 70 degrees, the machine should be shut down to investigate the cause of overheating.
The feeding port should be evenly distributed to avoid uneven wear of the plate hammer, which may cause problems such as misalignment. When the wear is obvious, it is recommended to change the position of the plate hammer to reduce imbalance and uneven wear.
During the operation of the impact crusher, it is inevitable to produce a large amount of dust. If conditions permit, a small water pipe can be installed at the feeding port, and the water flow can be changed into a spray, which can effectively reduce a lot of dust.
In order to maintain a good working condition of the impact crusher, reduce the occurrence of faults, improve work efficiency, and extend its service life, we must do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crusher, pay attention to the lubrication and bearing maintenance of the crusher equipment, and prevent the crusher from "striking".