development process

development path

March 2019

We have invested and established a wholly-owned research and development subsidiary, Hunan Jinyuan Technology Co., Ltd., in Yiyang, Hunan.


We will maintain resilience and focus on developing and updating various high-quality composite wear-resistant materials. We will adhere to our willpower and focus on helping customers reduce costs by more than 20%.


Develop a series of ceramic composite high chromium cast iron wear-resistant products. On the basis of high chromium cast iron material, the plate hammer has multiple composite methods, with a lifespan increase of 30% -200%, a square hammer lifespan increase of more than 100%, and a grinding roller and ring lifespan increase of more than 200%, all of which help customers reduce costs by more than 20%.


Develop high chromium cast iron grinding rollers and rings, develop alloy steel lining plates and impact plates, and replace high manganese steel accessories used in the mining/coal powder industry and sand and gravel industry; Develop a chromium free hammer to help solve the problem of chromium exceeding standards in the high-quality silicon sand industry. The average lifespan of the above products has been increased by more than 100%, helping customers reduce costs by more than 20%.

June 2013

The company has invested 20 million yuan to build a flexible lost foam casting automatic production line, mainly used for producing mill accessories such as grinding rollers and rings; Crusher accessories: plate hammer, lining plate, swing hammer, square hammer; Sandmaking machine accessories: throwing head, dividing cone, guide plate, and feeding port. Its production line can produce 5000 tons of high chromium cast iron annually.

July 2011

Become a manganese alloy supplier to Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, supplying it with metal manganese and manganese balls.