2020 Great Luck for Construction | Kinglong New Materials Build a Strong Epidemic "Firewall"



Good luck in starting work

At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed.
the 17th day of the first lunar month
All employees of Kinglong New Materials
In a special way,
Welcome to the first day of construction!



Unite Your Heart to Fight the Epidemic

Important tips for epidemic prevention


In order to do a good job in sanitation, epidemic prevention and disinfection, Kinglong New Material has established an emergency plan, stored disposable masks, goggles, infrared temperature guns, 75% alcohol, disinfectant, disinfection and sterilization spray and other epidemic prevention articles, implemented an emergency duty system, and actively organized all-round disinfection and epidemic prevention work in various workshops and offices. We have carried out comprehensive and meticulous disinfection of workplaces, office spaces, canteens, dormitories, public areas, and other places where personnel are concentrated and highly mobile, and are prone to breeding bacteria. We have solidly carried out epidemic prevention and control work to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Strengthen access control
Strengthen security, equip temperature testers and isolation masks, and prohibit entry by outsiders. Strictly carry out temperature testing and registration for internal personnel entering and exiting, and prohibit suspected personnel from entering.
Comprehensive disinfection
Increase the coverage and frequency of disinfection, and conduct comprehensive disinfection and sterilization of office areas, production areas, living areas, toilets, and vehicles and personnel entering and exiting the factory every day. Install hand washing and disinfection facilities in public areas such as bathrooms and cafeteria entrances.



This is a special year that is destined to begin,
We may go our own way,
But they still do their best and fulfill their respective duties;
We may not be able to communicate face-to-face,
But still work together and never drop the line!
No difficulty cannot be overcome, no spring cannot come!
The epidemic, we fight together;
Service, we will continue as always.

Wuhan, come on!
Come on, China!