R&D strength

Yiyang Kinglong New Materials Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.

The company has a sound quality management and quality assurance system, and we have professional materials technology personnel specializing in the research and production of wear-resistant products. Its latest developed ceramic composite wear-resistant materials have received unanimous praise from foreign customers, and its ceramic composite technology has reached the world's leading level

Production: We will conduct pre furnace spectral sampling and analysis on each furnace of molten iron produced. If the composition does not match the set value, we will correct the composition to ensure that the composition of each furnace of molten iron is qualified

Experiment: We have a 50KG medium frequency furnace and a small heat treatment furnace, specializing in the development and trial production of new products, and conducting simulation experiments on their materials to simulate customer usage conditions and make horizontal comparisons.