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Production strength

The company has 8 cold and hot processing and testing workshops, more than 400 sets of various excellent equipment and nearly 100 sets of fine, large and thin equipment. Among them, there are various horizontal lathes of 10 meters and below, numerical control lathes, vertical lathes of 6.3 meters and below, numerical control gantry boring and milling machines, numerical control floor milling and boring machines, rotor dynamic balancing machines, steam turbine test boilers and steam turbine test platforms.

The company is equipped with a complete quality assurance system, modern inspection and testing equipment and professional testing personnel to provide a reliable guarantee for product quality. Inspection and test equipment mainly includes universal three-coordinate measuring machine, vibration measurement and analysis system, hot and cold fatigue testing machine, flaw detector, spectrometer, sulfur and phosphorus analyzer, mechanical performance test meter, physical and chemical test, metering equipment, etc.

8 One

Cold and hot processing and test workshop 8

400 Yu Tai

More than 400 sets of excellent equipment

Technical advantages

The steam turbine design adopts full three-dimensional technology, professional turbine design software, finite element analysis software, etc. to standardize, modularize and serialize the product. Develop and design industrial steam turbines with various parameters and excellent performance to meet the special requirements of users. Developed power from 10kw to 25MW, speed between 1000~16000rpm eight series of steam turbine products. The negative pressure steam, low pressure steam, saturated steam, esterification steam, true flash steam, high flash steam and other steam turbines developed by our company have a wide range of good applications in the recovery of waste heat and residual steam power generation projects. The dual-drive unit of steam turbine and motor (synchronous, asynchronous and variable frequency motor) perfectly balances the demand of steam, electricity and power in the system while driving the load equipment.

Main technical features: The turbine rotor adopts high speed design, which greatly improves the efficiency of the unit, reduces the loss of shaft seal leakage and reduces the power consumption of the bearing. The whole forging rotor has strong resistance to load change and high reliability, and the overhaul period can be more than 5 years. The rotor impeller spacing is small, the overall size of the turbine is small, and the weight of the turbine body is reduced. The steam turbine and reducer are of skid-mounted design and installed on the common base. The steam turbine is connected with the driven equipment through the speed reducer to match the speed. The skid-mounted design of the unit greatly reduces the workload of on-site installation and maintenance.

Patent Certificate

In the years of technology accumulation and development and iteration, many innovative designs have been accumulated and applied. The company has obtained a number of patented technologies, such as steam turbine cylinders, flow parts, bearings, seals, steam seals, valves, control systems, steam turbine auxiliaries, etc., especially in the steam turbine application scenarios and other aspects of independent intellectual property rights and related patents.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

Pre-sales service

Assist users in the correct selection of steam turbine equipment, conduct preliminary analysis and evaluation of the thermal system, and answer various technical questions.


After-sales service

The company has three after-sales points in the north, south and east China in the country, which can provide timely and rapid after-sales service and arrive at the service site 24 hours a day. Provide users with full product life cycle services around the clock. The main contents are:

1 Assist or guide the user to install, debug and maintain the product;

2 carry out technical consultation and arrange training work according to the user's request, and guide the user to use the equipment correctly;

3 regularly visit users, understand and solve the operation of equipment.

4 After the expiration of the warranty period, the seller will provide the spare parts and spare parts of the equipment at the factory price for a long time.